3-Day challenge
 3-Day challenge
3-Day challenge to create a coaching program from scratch with Rosa.
Tired of working 9-5?

Tired of going back and forth in your job?

Yet you feel like you deserve a raise?

You deserve more income?

You deserve more freedom?

And still when you come back home you have responsibilities that make you wait to start that new business…

To work on that dream…

If that’s the case with you then you’re not alone!

Thousands of women want to quit their 9-5 and build a successful business from home.

 December 5,6,7, 2022
7:00pm EST
Rosa Rodriguez
Business Coach
Only 20 seats available 
1,000 invited
Yet they’re unable to do it BECAUSE

They have a job they hate

They want to get out of it.

They are looking for options.

 December 5,6,7, 2022
1:00pm EST
Rosa Rodriguez
Business Coach
Only 20 seats available 
1,000 invited
You know why this happens?
  • They don’t have the family support.
  • ​They don’t have much time.
  • ​They don’t know how to start.

Imagine this…

What if you start a side hustle and that hustle helps you make more than your current job?

How would your life look like then?

You can leave your 9-5 to have more time…

Have more income

More family time…

Which ultimately means more freedom.

Who doesn’t want it?

All you need is the ROADMAP to get you there…
Which is why I am doing a special 3-DAY challenge where I myself help you create-
 A coaching program that replace your 9-5 immediately

Here’s what I will cover in 3 days-

  • Step by step blueprint to create a coaching program.
  • ​They will be ready to start taking clients.
  • ​Learn how to pitch your clients.
  • ​How to get their first 5-figure day.

Yes, just like I built a successful Online business, you can do too.

Just REGISTER for this 3-Day Live Challenge for free.

And make your dream a reality.

I can assure you when these 3 days are done you will have a strong action plan…

To make more money

Increase your income

And most importantly have the strategies to build a successful online business.

Let’s do this.

This challenge isn’t like any other challenge it’s UNIQUE

Not only will you learn how to start a side hustle that helps you quit your 9-5 but also you will be

 creating your own coaching business in these 3 days.

Let’s make it happen for you!